Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Critique: Prototype

Here is my design for a prototype of a grilling magazine.

First – branding (top left: final logo; top right: a draft version of final logo; below top left: part of the development of final logo) The logo is unlike any other food magazine logo. It would pop off the shelf and grab readers. The colors represent the outdoors – the grass, the sky and the sun. "out" is positioned to come out of the black rectangle further suggesting that the magazine is about the outdoor life around the grill.

The magazine will be divided into three distinct sections: Eat, Play and Live. This is a break from traditional magazine structure because each section will have its own departments and features. Here is a thumbnail of the TOC, a department page and a feature spread.


  1. I enjoy seeing the development of your logo. I like how the "out" pops out. The color incorporation is great and I feel it would be really versatile and could change issue to issue depending on how much eat, live and play is in that issue.

  2. I really like your final logo for the magazine. I think it's a great concept for the logo and it's executed well. I also really enjoyed your feature and the kabob shape on the bottom of the page.

  3. Love your Cookout logo options...its great that you have so many options!

  4. I really liked how you clearly divided the magazine into "eat, play and live." The colors you chose stand out boldly against the other black elements!